When I was five years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life!

John Lennon

Demands, stress, pressure and change are all an integral part of life. While there is no escaping stress, it is an established fact that sustained stress leads to emotional and physical fatigue and a host of health issues, all of which undermine both physical and psychological well being.

Satori has been founded with a vision to help individuals navigate the challenges and demands of modern life with equanimity and elan.To remain grounded and centered in the midst of stress and pressure. And in doing so, live life to the fullest.

Our Corporate Wellness programs are aimed at maximizing the performance of your most valued asset - people. Our endeavor is to create purpose driven, human centric organizations that are able to balance profitability and productivity with purpose and passion. Learn more...

Our Student Wellness programs help children undertake a process of deep inquiry to connect with their unique strengths, as well as release the emotional, cognitive and behavioral blocks that prevent them from accomplishing their goals. Learn more...

Our Community Wellness programs envision creating healthy, resilient and vibrant communities and promote wellness through a series of programs and initiatives that help individuals develop the capacity to not only face adversity, but use it constructively. Learn more...

The word Satori has its roots in ancient Japanese wisdom and signifies the moment in time when "realization dawns" and "life defining shifts occur"


The success and performance of your organization depends upon your employees being at the top of their game.

It is widely recognized that employees are at their most productive when they're healthy, have low stress levels, and feel that their employers care about their well-being.

Our Resilience Building ProgramTM is a series of wellbeing workshops designed to help your company achieve this.

Our 3 hour workshops are delivered in your office on a monthly basis and cover a range of topics such as performing effectively under pressure, building positive relationships at work, managing time effectively, leveraging core strengths and talents, building positive relationships at work, learning to prioritize in an age of distraction, managing time effectively, and more.

Our goal is to develop a tenacious, resilient and engaged workforce, that is able to stay centered and function effectively in the face of stress, uncertainty and pressure.

As change is difficult and habitual ways of reacting to demands and pressures often deep seated and almost instinctual, we supplement our workshops with ongoing individual development plans that help deepen one's learning.


Pressures and demands on children today are astronomical. They are being forced to meet standards that are often unrealistic and in most cases, unviable.

Adding to the pressure is the fact that this is the period of one's life when one has to make critical decisions about embarking on a career path, often without much clarity on what one is truly passionate about.

Keeping the above challenges in mind, we have two programs for students:

Riding the WaveTM is a program designed specifically for students and aims to empower them with the necessary personal and interpersonal skills required to deal effectively with the challenges of academic life. Learn more...

Discovering our IkigaiTM is a unique experiential program that takes one into a journey of self-discovery, helping one discover a career and life path that is aligned to one's core strengths, passions and personality. The word Ikigai is composed of two characters: 'iki' which refers to life, and 'kai' which is the realization of that which brings meaning to life. According to Japanese philosophy, everyone has an ikigai. Discovering and acting upon it makes life both meaningful and gratifying. Learn more...


Riding the WaveTM is a program designed specifically for students and aims to empower them with the necessary personal and interpersonal skills required to deal effectively with the challenges of academic life.

The program helps students learn how to:

  • Change the way they think and react to demands, so they can manage any challenge
  • Deal effectively with academic pressures and anxiety
  • Cultivate persistence and perseverance so that one can continue working towards goals no matter how hard it gets or how long it takes
  • Deal with social pressures with confidence, equanimity and elan

Most importantly, as teenage years can often be awash with conflicting emotions, our program teaches students how to manage and release toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety and sadness and navigate life with a deep sense of self love and self esteem.

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Embarking on a life & work path aligned to ones core strengths & competencies

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means 'one's reason for being'. It is composed of two characters: 'iki' which refers to life, and 'kai' which is the realization of that which brings meaning to life.

According to Japanese philosophy, everyone has an Ikigai. Discovering and acting upon it makes life both meaningful and gratifying.

Conflict and confusion between our core driving forces; lack of awareness of what we are truly passionate about - these are some of the reasons why we are unable to move forth with single minded focus and often find ourselves in careers which are not aligned to our core strengths and competencies.

Using a variety of experiential techniques, our Ikigai workshops take each individual into a journey of self-discovery, helping them connect with their unique strengths, passions and interests, as well as their core motivating and driving force.

We study each of these areas, tie all of this together and help arrive at a life and career path that is aligned to who you truly are.

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"Detox" has become a relatively common term these days. However, while we regularly detox our bodies of physical toxins, we often pay little or no attention to detoxifying the mind.

Just like physical toxins, toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety and self pity affect not only our psychological wellbeing; they also impact our physical health.

In fact a host of physical ailments that plague society today are psychosomatic in nature, with their genesis in suppressed and unresolved emotions.

Our Emotional Detox ProgramTM is an intense transformational program that helps participants learn how to regulate their emotional energy in ways that are energizing rather than draining.

Through a series of experiential exercises that engage the body and the mind, participants learn to "let go" and release toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety and self-pity that have found a home within us and are preventing us from being truly happy with our relationships, careers, and lives.

Located on the banks of the river Sal in lush green Goa, the Satori Retreat offers an ideal location for individuals and small groups for deep reflection and personal growth through insights and experience.

A truly impressive venue that prides itself on offering the highest standards of comfort and style. Peace and quiet, inspirational artistic surroundings and the beauty of nature guarantee an unforgettable experience.


Dr.Vinita Suri, founder director of SATORI COUNSELING, holds a PhD in Stress ManagementManagement, with over 20 years of experience working with both individuals and organizations. She is a certified CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) facilitator, a stress management technique formulated by Dr. Albert Ellis that focuses on cognitive restructuring as a means of coping with stress.

Her doctoral thesis examined the dynamics of the mind-body relationship, focussing specifically on mitigating effects of various psycho-social variables in the stress-distress relationship.

Post her doctorate, a keen interest in the intersection between Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy led her to travel extensively in India, deepening her study into the efficacy of various integrated healing approaches, in the treatment of stress related psychosomatic disorders.

She studied mediation and mindfulness from the masters at the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy. She subsequently spent considerable time in Dharamshala, deepening her practice and study at the Tushita Meditation Centre (a centre for the study and practice of Buddhism from the Tibetan Mahayana tradition).

Recognizing that any kind of change is difficult, Vinita brings to the table a holistic and eclectic counselling approach, and has found integrating CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with various mindfulness based healing techniques to be extremely effective in accessing and altering deep seated beliefs and habitual patterns.

A management consultant with various organisations, Dr Suri travels extensively, conducting seminars on mindfulness based stress reduction and holistic health. She also conducts customised coaching programs for executives, helping them develop the skills needed to remain grounded and function effectively in the midst of demands, pressures and change.

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